Friday, April 18, 2014

Although There Prohibition since 2007, PKL Still Sell on monument because ...

Regulations prohibiting street vendors selling in the area of the National Monument in Jakarta , has been published since 2007 . However , until now there are still street vendors who sell in the region . Why ?

" The application of the rules are still in the stage of socialization .
Appeal We will continue to spread the use of banners and giving out leaflets to the traders and visitors , " said Head of Management Unit ( MU ) monument area of the National Monument ( Monas ) Firdaus Rashid , when contacted on Friday ( 18/4 / 2014 ) .

Promised paradise will gradually curb the street vendors who sell at the Monas it .
When the promotion phase is over , he will not hesitate to crack down said street vendors are still violated in accordance with Article 25 of Regional Regulation No. 8 of 2007 .

The article states have to Monas sterile from trading activities . As for the sanctions to be applied , he would call , a maximum fine of Rp 20 million .
" This effort is also a law enforcement action for the vendors , so that no one else is selling in Monas area , " he said .
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Jakarta Provincial Government to provide special places for the street vendors selling at IRTI Field , not far from the parking area of ​​the vehicle .
However , there are still vendors choose to sell at the Monas area fence . These traders admitted only into the Monas on holidays , while on weekdays they sell at IRTI field .


Tonight , Romi Cs Decide Fate Suryadharma Ali

United Development Party will hold a national leadership meeting ( rapimnas ) on this day , Saturday, April 19, 2014 . Material One such meeting was the discussion of attitudes toward the political behavior of PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) .

" Immediately ( we ) hold rapimnas party will be held on Saturday, April 19, 2014 , in the DPP began at 13:00 pm , " said the Secretary-General , who was removed SDA , M Romahurmuziy , told reporters after the board meeting daily at PPP office , Jakarta , Saturday morning .
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During the meeting, the parties attending the PPP Vice Chairman Monoarfa Monoarfa , PPP Secretary General M Romahurmuziy , Waketum Emron Pangkapi PPP , PPP Waketum Lukman Hakim , and the managers of the Governing Council of the Party ( DPP ) other . There are about 25 people who attended the meeting .

As is known , the party bearing the Kaaba is addressing the attitude of the SDA is considered not reflect political ethics , excessive even when attending a political campaign Gerindra at Bung Karno Stadium , Senayan , Jakarta , some time ago .
Based on the daily management meeting of the party , the central committee agreed to cast a first warning to the SDA .

" Providing a first warning to the Chairman PPP , Suryadharma Ali , so as not to position itself at the top of the party constitutions PPP , stay the course on the principles of the constitution party struggle , for the sake of running the party decisions are taken lawfully , " said Romi - call Romahurmuziy , Saturday morning .

According to Romi , does not rule out the possibility that the national leadership meeting could be sentenced next to the minister of the religion. Therefore , there is a termination clause in the constitution of the party , namely article 10 AD / ART party . " Rapimnas have the right and authority , " he said . ( umi )


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jasa Marga toll road Perforated Fix

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk is currently repairing potholed streets in a number of toll roads. These improvements made after the rainy season is over.

Operations Director of Jasa Marga, Hasanuddin, said there are some stretches on the highway which was perforated like on the highway Padaleunyi. Hasan asserted Jasa Marga can repair potholes because the rain had stopped.

"There is now improved and we will promptly report to BPJT," said Hasanuddin, Thursday (17/04/2014).

On the other hand finished in August, Hasan said, to issue toll Cipularang, at the time of the visit BPJT, the repair process is not yet finished.

"At that time, improved after the rainy season 90 percent of new construction," said Hasanuddin.

Therefore, he estimates that repairs will be completed in August 2014. Regarding the holes are there, the company has done fillings and is still ongoing.
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"With the weather conditions have started to improve now, hopefully the improvements will take place as well without any problems," said Hasanuddin.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

KPK Sita Airin Car Related Money Laundering Henry

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) confiscated one unit of Honda CRV plate number B 1179 Nja on behalf of South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diany . This foreclosure -related investigations conducted cases of alleged money laundering that led Airin husband , aka Henry Ward Tubagus Chaeri .

" It should be informed that the Commission had re- seized during the CRV car plate number B 1179 Nja on behalf Airin Rachmi Diany , " said KPK spokesman Johan Budi in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

According to Johan , the car was delivered one of Pandeglang , Banten , to the Building Commission . Now , the car was secured in the Building Commission as evidence . Johan also said that the Commission clarify the ownership of land and buildings in Serang , Banten , which allegedly belonged to Henry . So far , according to Johan , the land and buildings that the Commission has not seized .

" From the tracing of assets ( asset tracking ) , this clarification has TCW or not , the Commission for the Attack , well if it had gone into foreclosure , he said recently , " said Johan .

Henry AML related investigations , the Commission has seized 73 cars and one motorbike . No cars were seized from members of parliament in Punjab , a number of artists , as well as from employees of PT Bali Pacific Pragama , owned by Henry .
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Commission set Henry as a suspect alleged money laundering after developing a case of alleged bribery election dispute that ensnared Henry Lebak first . Commission also established Henry as suspects in the alleged corruption in the procurement of medical supplies and the South Tangerang in Banten Province . Henry Two cases have gone up to the court , the alleged bribery of Rp 1 billion to the former Chairman of the Constitutional Court , Akil Mochtar , Election-related Lebak and giving gifts to Akil Mochtar , former Chief Justice , in Banten election dispute .


CLA Denies Kelabui JK, Rhoma, and Mahfud MD

Before the 2014 general election ballot was held, the National Awakening Party carries Rhoma Irama, Mahfud MD, and a presidential candidate Jusuf Kalla. However, as the dynamics of communication in order to seek his party's coalition partner, the third name was not immediately carried into vice.

PKB DPP chairman Marwan Jafar admitted while maintaining a commitment to Jusuf Kalla, Rhoma Irama, and carried him Mahfud MD to become a presidential candidate. However, there is never a fight for his party's commitment to the three men into vice.
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"To Mr. JK, Pak Mahfud, and Mr. Rhoma, it is the conversation that is his position as president. Became vice None pembcaraan.'s Political commitment," said Marwan to headline, Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

According to him, the public does not fully understand the commitment that alleged as if collective betray it because the three figures entering the name of PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar in exchange vice-presidential candidate.

"The three figures it is not a commitment as vice presidential candidate. If anything anyway so, collective tolerant if all three finished running mate, remember the sound of PKB may not be the leader of the coalition. Invited if we want the coalition leader," he said.

Marwan judge, the party that has the potential to become the leader of the coalition there are only three, namely PDIP, Gerindra and Golkar.

"Because this is a personal concerns in a vice presidential determination that the judge is also the element of the coalition," he said.

Marwan said, the appearance of the name Muhaimin is urging cadres, sympathizers and voters PKB from the bottom. They look for Muhaimin already struggling, sweating, and thus create sound CLA increased significantly.

"Even if there has been no hint of whether or not Mr. Muhaimin, on the other hand had a lot of people menggebuki," he said.

Marwan find critical voices tend to berate Muhaimin derived from a number of senior figures Nahdlatul Ulama, either through mass media and social media.

"We are grateful for the service and Pak Pak Mahfud Rhoma, Mr. JK did not join the campaign, thank you profusely. Was not we leave these characters," he said. (Umi)


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Two Men Qhadafi forward to the Green Desk

Two sons Qhadafi Muammar , Saif Al Islam and Saadi , advancing to the table the hearing on Monday, April 14, 2014 . Together with three dozen former Libyan officials , both facing trial on charges of war crimes during the protests overthrow of their father in 2011 . " In addition to the alleged murder , both also alleged to deprive the state treasury , "wrote Al Jazeera .

For the trial , the prosecution has prepared a bundle of evidence . Such as interviewing 200 witnesses , 40 thousand pieces of the charges , and audio and video recordings . All the evidence that allegedly shows if they had issued instructions to the security forces to fire on protesters .

Facing the trial, Hadba security prison , Tripoli , tightened . Barbed wire with armored cars and machine bersenajata security surrounds the fort .
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Saif , 41, was arrested militia leaders in the mountain town of Zintan on November 2011 . Abroad, Saif is known as a playboy or a smooth operator . He often held lavish parties and had fun with the British royal family , at Buckingham Palace . ( Read : Qaddafi Son Appears in Court )

His younger brother , Saadi , no less flamboyant . 40 -year-old man achieved fame as a football player in three Serie A club Perugia , Udinese and Sampdoria .

Supposedly , the second son of Qhadaffi tried in the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) . But the Libyan government refused. According to the lawyer of the ICC , which appointed Saif , John Jones , the court will take place by video link from Zintan . "The truth is a fundamental violation of the rights of fair trial , " said Jones . ( Read : Gaddafi Son Wants Hanged in Libya )


How to Change Color Light Notifications on Your Phone

JAKARTA - For those of you who like to be different from everyone else , would want to change a thing used to be the other , including the Android phone . Usually different users to make cell phone with the display theme , but you can also change the color of the light menggonta notification on your mobile phone .

For those of you who have devices with support for RGB LED lights , you can actually vary the color as you wish on each application . For example, for notification of missed calls red , blue incoming calls , mentions on Twitter colored purple , and so on .

If you want it , try an application called Light Flow is available in the app store Google Play Store . This application lets you customize the color of notification in each application that you have.
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The application consists of two versions , namely the paid and free . For the free version , you can set up notifications for each application is already available on mobile phones such as calendar reminders , incoming calls , missed calls , battery is fully charged , Gmail , battery is running low , and others . While the paid version priced at $ 2 , 49 and can provide notification settings social networking applications such as Facebook , Twitter , WhatsApp , Skype , and so on .

Colors can be changed is the red , green , blue , and some combination of the three colors . In fact , you can create your own desired color with the mode ' custom color' . More than color LED lights , this application can also provide the option of the desired notification sound .